Sleeklens Presets for Lightroom Review

I have been asked to write a short review of Sleeklens Presets for Lightroom in return for trying out the workflow. The collection I was using is called Through the Woods and has been specifically designed for Landscape Photography. There are 51 Landscape presets and 30 Landscape brushes included in the workflow and they were easy to setup with YouTube videos provided to give step by step instructions on how to install and use the workflow to its full potential. The presets work by providing a selection of "all in one" presets which can be used as a base (these are fully adjustable) with the option of building on this by stacking other presets on top. The presets are labeled clearly which makes them easy to work with and the brushes are also stackable. This workflow has really enhanced my editing and I am very happy and impressed with the results.

I have edited the following two photos using the Through the Woods workflow:

Information on Sleeklens Professional Photo Editing Service is available here and for other Lightroom Presets click here.